if we could just pretend on cassette, future sleep vinyl, etc

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hello there! here's some more updates. first and foremost, copies of my new ep are now available on cassette courtesy of broken world media, as well as international preorder through little l records.

i'm also currently working with broken world to release my album sleep on vinyl, double lp! we're still in the early stages, gathering the original masters, recreating the artwork. it's going to be a beautiful little release when it's finished. we expect it to be up and ready to purchase by summertime, so keep an eye out.

broken world media store
little l records store

another cool little update: you can now stream all of the albums in my music section, in full, directly from flatsound.org! check it out sometime by clicking here and selecting any album. here's the best part, it's very mobile friendly. the music will continue to play even after you click the home button or lock your phone. pretty nice, huh? 

i think that's it for now. more stuff is happening in the future and i can't wait to type about them with my little fingers. anyway thank u for reading my essay haha. did you ever used to do that on essays in middle school to make them longer? literally thank the teacher for reading it? oh my god i'm laughing so hard while typing this. i don't know what i'm talking about anymore but i hope you're having a really great week and lots of good stuff happened.