her (as a concept), me (as a house cat)

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some stuff is happening soon. cool stuff, to be exact. stuff involving a label that i'm very excited to work with, and releases that i'm very excited to put out

i have a new EP coming out, it's called did everything feel beautiful when you let go of the idea of being anything at all, and it's about panic and agoraphobia. it's five songs long. well, technically six if you count the bonus track that comes with every album purchased directly from bandcamp or the official shop. it's a very short and cute song on the same subject, but it got cut last minute because i didn't feel that it fit with the rest of the album.  

the song is called her (as a concept), me (as a house cat), and it's about being in a relationship while being too mentally ill to leave the house, and fearing the emotional dependency that comes along with that. you can listen to it below. thank you.

there's a light on in our bedroom so it says, "master, master, come home. come home from a place that i can't even go". and i'm afraid that you are all that i know.