episode 01: sunsets and live callers

Added on by mitch.

so here's how it's going to work...i'm going to continue broadcasting, multiple times a week, like normal. once a week, one of those archived broadcasts will be released for free on here AND itunes like a proper podcast! i hope that's okay! i'm just trying to give a little something to the people who aren't awake during the live broadcasts and don't have money to become a patron

that being said, patrons of the show will continue to have access to all broadcasts. i'm even brainstorming ways to add even more perks to the $5 tier besides early album access and all radio broadcasts. i appreciate your support that much, it really does mean a lot.

anyway, here's your first official weekly installment of flatsound radio! this broadcast was FUN. it was the first time i was able to do live callers (21:25) and i'm still kind of impressed that it worked out so well. i also talked to people about whether or not they saw the sunset and, like always, interacted with twitter as they made fun of me a little. good show!