episode 06: crying is...good?

Added on by mitch.

it's friday! that means one thing babyyy...i get to finally tweet that stupid flintstones themed "have a great weekend" glitter gif that i found like a month ago but keep forgetting to post. i found it at like 3am and tbh it's not even funny to me anymore, i just want to post it so i can finally delete it off my desktop. it's not like it takes up any space on my computer or really even on my desktop, i just hate looking at it because it reminds me of every monday that i've been on my computer and saw it and thought, "shit!". almost like i'm, i don't know, like i'm being outsmarted by a stupid glitter gif or something. not for long, though! soon it'll be gone. ahhh, yup. today is the day.

oh also new flatsound radio.

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