september 09, 2019 03:22 pm

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i still remember every recording. not just the lyrics to each song, but where i was when writing them. where i was sitting, the time of day, the lighting in the room. it all felt very important to me, even before i knew what i was doing. there was never an expectation to succeed, after all. just the unrelenting desire to create something. 

ten years is a long time. enough to forge relationships, and move to different houses, and build a music career from nothing. i had no idea that this album, recorded with distorted microphones attached to tangled wires cluttering a teenage bedroom, would go on to touch so many people. there was so much that i didn't know, resulting in a record colored with all that's left to learn, it's mistakes resting in the hiss.

these songs represent a special period, something that i couldn't replicate today. the opportunity to not know. to stand at the cusp of something new, stare down at what you don't understand, and leap into it.

thank you to the people who saw a piece of themselves in the static. the ones listening in the night time, the ones with "i exist" tattooed into their skin. i see you, and i appreciate you, and i can't thank you enough for what you've given me. not just a career, but a sense of being understood. that's more than i could have ever hoped for.

my first album - scotland, i wish you had stayed - was released ten years ago today. i’m excited to announce that, for the first time ever, it will be available on vinyl. thank you again to everyone who supported and continues to support these early songs. i’m happy that they will finally find a home in someones record collection. variant and release date will be announced soon.

september 05, 2019 06:41 pm

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i wrote and recorded this song some months ago but never shared it. it’s very simple, and very short, but the words and melody mean a lot to me. sometimes i’ll notice that i’m singing them to myself throughout the day.

please be the one that i saw in my dreams
turn an open field to my favorite thing
but i don’t know why the night’s so cold
i was closing both eyes in the dark
and i’m singing ‘la da da’
i don’t know where home is anymore
so i’m singing ‘la da da’
the vultures have clawed my eyes and picked my bones
i’m singing ‘la da da’
it feels like i’m made of blood and spit and rain
i’m singing ‘la da da’
i promise i’ll find you the second i feel okay

may 30, 2019 05:02 pm

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here’s a short song that i recorded last night at 5am.

you shouldn't start
i know who you are
when you're behind his back
you take it too far

but you say
we'll all reach a point
where we get too tired
and it all just goes away

and i wanted to
be here next to you
when our bodies all decay

april 26, 2019 05:20 pm

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i’ve been writing and recording a lot recently. here’s a touching little song that i wrote last week, i hope it resonates with you somehow.

do you find it so much harder than me
to sit and watch me get eaten alive
by the thoughts that wake me in my sleep
on the nights that i feel everything
but i swear that i’m well aware
how i take curses and make them prayers
we’ll pretend that i wasn’t scared if you want to
i swear that i’m well aware
how i take curses and make them prayers
there’s a monster under the stairs
i think it wants you

i see it watch you
every time you walk through

now it’s black
and you’re in love with broken teeth
and every broken part of me
when it’s dark i feel warm beneath the sheets
i guess that’s why i couldn’t leave
but i swear that i’m well aware
how i take curses and make them prayers
we’ll pretend that i wasn’t scared if you want to
i swear that i’m well aware
how i take curses and make them prayers
there’s a monster under the stairs
don’t let it haunt you

because it’ll haunt you

when i think that i’m under fire
it feels like i’m underwater
i know that i must look tired
i hope i can meet your father

it feels like i’m under fire
i swear that i’m underwater
why does everything make me tired
i hope i can meet your father

february 26, 2019 02:56 pm

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my new full length ambient music album is officially out now. it’s called somewhere in the distance, somewhere toward the mountains. before you get to know this album intimately, i wanted to give some insight into what this release means to me, as well as the story that it tells. it does tell a story, after all. albeit without words.

as a lot of you know, i've not been able to travel far from home for some time now. about ten years, actually. i’ve written about this before and hesitate to do so again because the story isn't very compelling. i had always been an anxious person growing up, drifting between manageable stages of nervous thought and uncomfortable sensations. the tendency towards avoidance had always been there, looming in the background, but culminated sharply one day in 2008. i woke up and everything was different. my whole world changed, it became very small. things i'd previously done without much thought suddenly became very difficult. like getting into a car, or visiting friends, or going to the store. it all involved exiting the safety of the invisible walls my mind had built around my house.

i know, the releases about agoraphobia must seem repetitious at this point. but this sickness is the most defining and unique part of my existence. it's the reason that i'm here. to talk about it, and experience it, and turn it into art. it's all that i've known for so long.

these recordings are from 2016-2018. they're mostly melodic, only sometimes delving into the harsher and colder tones of drone music. some of them are completely digital, others are analog, playing with the limitations of a four track cassette recorder and homemade tape loops.

this album is about travel. or, the concept of travel. it's a story told without using words. a train ride that i've never taken. one that moves through the snow, and along the coast, and into a dream. it was written while looking outward, at a very big world that i haven't been a part of for a very long time. but, most importantly, it was written with the wholehearted and unrelenting desire to move toward it.

as always, thank you for listening.

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