a lot of new things are happening

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to start things off, heat death is now on spotify. for those of you who still don't know, christian and i have a music project called wishing and a little over a month ago we released our second album. it was uploaded on halloween but has since been remastered by the incredibly talented jesse cannon. so go give it a listen, it sounds better than ever. 

speaking of wishing, have you seen the vinyl we had made of our first album, to forget? it's beautiful and pink and available right here

next order of business...sleep is back on vinyl!! that's right, second pressing baby! god, i don't even want to admit how privately excited i've been about this. like, finally. my most popular album, released in a way that i feel does it justice. don't get me wrong, the first pressing of sleep was great and i appreciate the label that released it before i was able to make it happen on my own. but, i mean, now that i am able to do it on my own? let's really do it.

double lp gatefold with lyrics from the album on the inside panel. the records are an a side / b side opaque mix of cream and gold and each held in a black paper sleeve. they're limited to 500, want to own one? click here.

alright, the last thing that i want to talk about is kind of a big one. to me it is, anyway. it's big because, despite what anyone tells me, i know that this will genuinely disappoint some people. at the risk of dragging this out too much, here it is - i'm taking a big step back from social media. not just platforms like twitter, but the many other means of directly communicating with me that i've kept so open to the public. for years i've allowed perfect strangers to come into my personal space and i guess what's happened is that it's finally reached a tipping point. the uncomfortable closing of gentle.earth made me take a step back and really consider how much of myself i was actually okay with giving to other people.

i have a lot of things to say about all of this. not necessarily about my interaction with people, but the toxicity of social media and the role it plays in my life as an online based artist. i'll get into it all more in detail the next time i do a radio broadcast but for now i can easily sum it up with, "it just doesn't make me happy like it used to". the environment, the community, the likes. none of it interests me anymore.

with that in mind, i am currently trying a new thing. a place for me to continue sharing pieces of myself periodically throughout the day. a place without likes or retweets. a place where i can post these very vulnerable aspects of my life without that awful thread of people i've never even met forming beneath it, all trying to be funny or make it about themselves. if anyone out there is still interested in what i may be doing or thinking at any given point in the day...go to the picture of me on my about page and click it. this is for the core fans. i'm still here, it just isn't for them anymore.

thank you for everything. for listening to the songs that i record, and for even caring enough about my life that you're reading these words right now. i'll talk to you soon. maybe in another long winded blog post, or in the next newsletter, or during the next broadcast. but in the moments in between, just know that i'm working harder than i have in a long time. not just on my songs, but on myself. thank you again.

destroy you

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i don't have a lot to say about this song other than i recorded it earlier this year and never uploaded it. it was recorded on a zoom r16 multitrack recorder in my bedroom and, if you like it, you can have it for free. as always, thank you for listening.

forty seven pictures in a text
to remind me of the ones inside my head
a simple plan for complicated friends
i promise that i'll be fine in the end
but i think it would destroy you
wouldn't it?

i haven't stopped thinking of what you said
you don't know how much i want to be with you again
but i think it would destroy you
i'm so scared i'll destroy you
and i don't want to destroy you
what if it destroys you like it used to
this would destroy you
wouldn't it?

are you afraid, or are you excited

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the radio feels good. it's always felt good. not just as something to listen to while going through the comfortable motions of your every day life, but something else. something bigger. something that's always happening, at all times, in different parts of the world. something that's always been there. 

radio, even internet radio, is very old technology to me. it's been around for most of my life and has never really caught much of my attention. i'm twenty six and a few days ago i had no idea what a stream port or a shoutcast server was, but learning it felt very exciting to me. that's the thing about discovery. it doesn't matter how old something is, when you immerse yourself in it for the first time it has no choice but to feel new. and i think that's what i need right now. something new. something to be excited about. so that's what i did, i immersed myself in it. i became excited.

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questions from tumblr vol. 2 (feat. blath)

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hey look at that, i decided to record another questions from tumblr segment for my blog. this time i have an old friend with me, her name's blath. she's a photographer, pornographer, and she talks funny because she's british. here we are talking for over an hour about...anything tumblr wanted us to talk about. mostly art and photography and sex work and why she pronounces "oregano" funny. enjoy!


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today started out slow. the same old routine ― oatmeal, emails, a little animal crossing. and shirts, i folded lots of shirts. tomorrow i will continue to fold lots of shirts and hopefully put them up for sale. i'm still not sure if i'll post about them or not. i'm not exactly struggling for money right now and i feel so weird about self promotion. i don't want to rely solely on financial reward to justify the monotony of a hard days work. sometimes it's just nice to get lost in a repeated motion.

i don't mind the repetitiveness of it all. i believe that these little monotonous moments help, and that they mean something, and that they're part of being human. i believe that being human means that we hold our heads high and move forward through the uncertainty that they mean anything at all. slowly, apprehensively, for fear that we might one day undermine the importance of a simple breakfast, an ordinary task, or an undemanding pleasure. can you imagine anything more un-human than that?

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