"help!", his mind yelled. "it's coming back again!". he clenched his fist until it became as tight as the muscles in his stomach, digging each of his nails deep into the softest part of his palm. this isn't the first time that he felt this way and it certainly wouldn't be the last.

but, isn't that the point? isn't that why you're here? to let go of something? to let go of the concept that you are further away from something than you would like to be? letting go can be difficult but, i promise, it starts with loosening your fist.

what a beautiful body, creating chemicals from nothing in an attempt to protect you. what a perfect mind, doing exactly as it should.

it took you so long to appreciate the subtle way that it grew. if only it came as naturally as falling in love with the feeling of it being destroyed.

electric guitar and vocals sampled with EXS24 sampler, improvisation. stretched and reconstructed with logic pro x.

/ b a c k