october 30, 2016 08:38 pm

Added on by mitch.

so, i wrote a song yesterday and decided that i was going to record the entire thing immediately rather than let it just live in my head until it didn't mean anything to me anymore. i did that because i knew that, at least from a lyrical standpoint, this song means a lot to me. in fact, i like this song so much that i might clean up the mix put it on a future album, but that won't stop me from giving away this current mix for free.

i don't know. life is weird, feeling stuff is weird, but i'm really glad that i can write stuff as a result. enjoy the free song and, seriously, thank you for listening.

you came back to a place
where nothing feels the same
now that we both made a mistake
but honey you came back
you came back from everything
we wanted to end

but everything you wanted
you could find in someone else
that isn't quite as lost or broken
as this left me

so actually lets close the door
and i actually will turn the key
and we'll actually start moving on
because actually
you want to be with someone else
someone with stronger hands
to find the balance of being held
without the burden of holding back
and i just want to be myself
around anyone

so no i don't hate you at all
we're all just looking for something to look forward to
the little single moment that stops the earth from turning
a little piece of something that makes this all feel worth it
it goes on and on and on

i look for it in everyone
i look for you in everyone