september 29, 2019 10:55pm

Added on by mitch.

something very exciting happened the other week. i was looking through an external hard drive and stumbled across a song that i wrote and recorded back in 2015 but never released. initially i didn’t remember much about the song but over the last week more and more has been coming back to me. i remember really liking this song while working on it. the instrumental especially. the way the little synth lick comes in. i wrote and recorded it all in one day, staying up late that night doing vocal takes.

the next day while mixing, the file corrupted and the instrumental disappeared. that was the reason that i put it away and moved onto something else. i told myself that i would come back and try to fix it one day, but eventually enough time passed and i just let the file get buried.

that’s the thing with flatsound songs, i very rarely rerecord them. this is especially true of songs that were written and recorded in a single day. i guess i figure that, when i record a song in a single sitting, i’m not just writing a song. i’m capturing every step of that songs inception, and everything added to that song is a mystery to me right up until i do it. so when something like this happens…that’s kind of it. it’s gone. i lost something that i can’t recreate. that sense of trial and error discovery. the documentation of a song materializing in front of me. it sucks, but when it happens i just call it a loss and move on.

well, something must have happened in that time, because when i opened the file out of sheer curiosity last week it worked just fine. the song was fully intact. i picked up where i left off years ago, but making sure not to change very much and add absolutely nothing. i wanted whatever i recorded back then to be as it was. i listened, finished mixing, and bounced the track.

so here it is, a flatsound song from 2015 that you’ve never heard before. i hope you like it, because i really like it a lot. but, after all this time, i’m just really glad that you’re able to hear it at all. enjoy.

put them up
put your hands up
lift them up
to what you can't touch

in a colosseum
full of weapons that you chose
were you defeated
by a shield you wouldn't hold
i want to protect you
when your hands are turning cold
but i don't think that it's my place
to invite you to my place

your body knows
the secrets that you never told
they're in your thoughts
i feel them every time we talk

in a colosseum
full of weapons that you chose
were you defeated
by a shield you couldn't hold
i want to be fine
knowing everything i know
but i want to kill him
i'll fucking kill him
if you don't