september 09, 2019 03:22 pm

Added on by mitch.

i still remember every recording. not just the lyrics to each song, but where i was when writing them. where i was sitting, the time of day, the lighting in the room. it all felt very important to me, even before i knew what i was doing. there was never an expectation to succeed, after all. just the unrelenting desire to create something. 

ten years is a long time. enough to forge relationships, and move to different houses, and build a music career from nothing. i had no idea that this album, recorded with distorted microphones attached to tangled wires cluttering a teenage bedroom, would go on to touch so many people. there was so much that i didn't know, resulting in a record colored with all that's left to learn, it's mistakes resting in the hiss.

these songs represent a special period, something that i couldn't replicate today. the opportunity to not know. to stand at the cusp of something new, stare down at what you don't understand, and leap into it.

thank you to the people who saw a piece of themselves in the static. the ones listening in the night time, the ones with "i exist" tattooed into their skin. i see you, and i appreciate you, and i can't thank you enough for what you've given me. not just a career, but a sense of being understood. that's more than i could have ever hoped for.

my first album - scotland, i wish you had stayed - was released ten years ago today. i’m excited to announce that, for the first time ever, it will be available on vinyl. thank you again to everyone who supported and continues to support these early songs. i’m happy that they will finally find a home in someones record collection. variant and release date will be announced soon.