september 05, 2019 06:41 pm

Added on by mitch.

i wrote and recorded this song some months ago but never shared it. it’s very simple, and very short, but the words and melody mean a lot to me. sometimes i’ll notice that i’m singing them to myself throughout the day.

please be the one that i saw in my dreams
turn an open field to my favorite thing
but i don’t know why the night’s so cold
i was closing both eyes in the dark
and i’m singing ‘la da da’
i don’t know where home is anymore
so i’m singing ‘la da da’
the vultures have clawed my eyes and picked my bones
i’m singing ‘la da da’
it feels like i’m made of blood and spit and rain
i’m singing ‘la da da’
i promise i’ll find you the second i feel okay